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πŸ“ Contract
🍎 MacOS
πŸͺŸ Windows
Strategic Account Analyst
Posted 68 days ago
πŸ’» Full-Time
πŸ’» Full-Time
πŸ¦Έβ€β™‚οΈ Full-Stack
☁️ AWS
🎸 Django
πŸ™ Git
🌐 Heroku
πŸ”Ί Next.js
🐍 Python
πŸš€ React
Mixtec-English Interpreter
Posted 131 days ago
πŸ“ Contract
🍎 MacOS
πŸͺŸ Windows
Kurdish-English Interpreter
Posted 136 days ago
πŸ“ Contract
🍎 MacOS
πŸͺŸ Windows
Rohingya-English Interpreter
Posted 145 days ago
πŸ“ Contract
πŸͺŸ Windows
Samoan Translators (Remote)
Posted 167 days ago
πŸ“ Contract

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